Restaurant is open to all passengers and public in general, starting from the first week of October 2018; our specialties are fish, red and white meat, pizzas and sandwiches. We also provide an extend variety for vegans and vegetarians that would like to eat in the city. Our schedule starts from 12:00PM until 14:30PM and 19:00PM to 23:30PM.


Industrial laundry annexed to our hostal, available for our passengers and public in general. We do washing and drying of clothes, the price is CLP $ 2,500 per kilo (minimum 3 kilos), we also have a service by garment which includes ironing (the costs vary on the garment)
Fast, efficient and responsible service, our schedule is from 08:30AM to 22:00PM, we also take lots of clothing from 06:00AM to 00:00hrs.


Ask in advance and we will be able to arrange a private shuttle to the Punta Arena’s Airport and vice versa, private shuttle to Torres Del Paine and places near Puerto Natales.


We have rental of canes for your excursions in Patagonia and circuits, for guests and the public in general, consult for their value.


Our bar is open every day until midnight, this has beers, spirits and snacks. Our cafeteria service offers sandwiches, sweets, coffee, tea and drinks.


Request your snack for your trip, including: sandwich (check availability and variety), yogurt, juice, mineral water, cereal, fruit and snack. The value of excursion collation is according to availability and consult by it (referential image).


Custody of free luggage for people who have second stay with us, the value is US$ 8 per baggage, not depending on the days that is in our warehouse to the general public.